7 Top Champagne Houses in Reims, France - Savored Sips (2023)

Wine lovers visiting Paris often choose to take a day trip to Reims for Champagne tasting. Getting there via train from Paris is actually very easy and quick. Then you’ll have the rest of the day to enjoy the bubbles at a few of the top Champagne houses in Reims.

Reims is the center of the Champagne world in France. You can visit world-famous estates in Reims and Epernay, such as Veuve Clicquot, Pommery, and Taittinger, or check out the smaller Champagne houses you may not have heard of.

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All you’ll need are a few advanced appointments, your walking shoes (or a quick Uber ride), and enough time to do it justice.

Below you’ll find all you need to know about setting up and enjoying Champagne tours and tasting in Reims.

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How to Visit the Champagne Region

The best way to discover the region is by driving The Champagne Trail, which covers over 250 miles that wind through rolling hills, along vineyard covered valleys and past quaint little villages. All along the way you can stop to visit the growers and winemakers, to taste Champagne, and to learn as much as you like about the tradition.

There are two main cities in the Champagne region to visit, and the Champagne trail will take you between the two within just a 30 minute drive. In Reims, you can visitworld-famous Champagne houses, such asVeuve Clicquot, Pommery, and Taittinger.

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In Epernay, you can spend some time walking along the Avenue de Champagne, popping in at tasting rooms along the way. The easiest way to get to the Champagne region is by car from Paris. If you’re already visiting, you can rent a car in Paris and take a day or overnight trip to Champagne.

You can take the train from Paris to Reims, but it’s not very easy to get around to the Champagne houses without a car, and you’ll definitely need a car to visit the countryside or to go into Epernay. Below you’ll find all you need to know to plan a road trip in the Champagne region, for wine tours and tasting.

Self-Guided or Group/Private Wine Tour

The first consideration you’ll probably be making is whether you want to do a self-guided or a group/private guided wine tour. If you don’t have a designated driver, or don’t wish to spit the wine instead of drinking it, you will need to take a tour or hire a driver.

Group Tour

There are many to choose from. You can go on a group tour, which are plentiful, often including up to 10 people and are on a pre-planned route that you can’t decide on. Tours typically go to great wineries and there’s a lot of information given, many include lunch – plus you don’t have to take care of a single detail.

Below are two group tours we recommend:

  • Small Group Full Day Tour – Your go to three different Champagne houses, where you’ll try a variety of champagnes. There’s also an included three-course lunch along the way. (8 hours)BOOK HERE
  • Reims Afternoon Tour to Epernay – Visit the UNESCO-listed Champagne Avenue in Epernay, the historic village of Hautvillers, and visit two Champagne houses for tastings. (4.5 hours)BOOK HERE

Private Tour

If you don’t want to go along with a bunch of other people and you’d like to have some say in the schedule, then a private tour is the way to go.

  • First Visit – Explanation of the manufacturing process plus cave visit followed by a tasting of 3 Champagnes.
  • Visit Hautvillers, the village where Dom Pérignon created Champagne.
  • 3-Course Restaurant Lunch
  • Second Visit – Visit the cave followed by a tasting of 3 Champagnes
  • Third Visit – Visit a “Grand Cru” cellar with a tasting of 3 Champagnes

Tour is 8 hours, 2 people minimum.

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Self-Guided Tour

I usually prefer to do self-guided touring when I visit wine regions because it gives me the greatest flexibility and I actually really like researching and choosing the wineries I want to go to.

While there is a little more work involved because you have to set up all the tours yourself, there are tools that will help make this super easy. The one I use is calledRue des Vignerons. It’s a French website that makes booking wine appointments super easy.

The site has 450 wineries and distilleries, both family-owned and famous houses, that includes 1,500 bookable experiences, including tastings, tours, workshops, and meals. You can book online up to 30 minutes before and your appointment is confirmed instantly. This is the website I used to book all of my Bordeaux tasting appointments.

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In our descriptions below, I will give you links directly to Rue des Vignerons for each winery so you can easily book it.

5 Best Champagne Houses in Reims to Visit

1. Veuve Clicquot

7 Top Champagne Houses in Reims, France - Savored Sips (4)

Location: 1 Place des Droits de l’Homme, 51100 Reims, France
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5pm
Phone:+33 (0)3 26 89 53 90

You’ve likely already heard of this Champagne brand, as it’s one of the most popular Champagnes being sold around the world. In case you’re thinking that means it’s not worth a visit to this Champagne house because it will be too touristy, we don’t think that’s an issue.

In fact, this was one of our favorite Champagne tours in Reims. The underground cellars of Veuve Clicquot might be one of the main reasons we love it here so much. The cellars are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage sight.

That’s not surprising when you learn that they’ve been making wine since 1772. In 1909, they bought these old underground quarrys to store their wine. There is some fascinating history in these caves, which you’ll learn all about during the tour.

After the tour of the cellar and facilities, you’ll have a chance to try the Champagne. There are a few different tickets you can purchase. Click here to see them all.

  • Discovery Tour – 26€:45min tour followed by a single tasting of Yellow Label Brut 26€. This tour is available Tuesday to Saturday.
  • On the Footsteps of Madame Clicquot – 53€:1 hr tour where you’ll learn all about Madame Clicquot, followed by a tasting of the Brut Yellow Label and prestige Cuvée La Grande Dame.
  • Veuve Clicquot & Rose Champagne – 40€: In 1818, Madame Clicquot was the first to make a rose champagne blend, which changed the landscape of Champagne for ever. Learn all about the Rose on this 45 min tour, followed by a tasting.

2. Champagne Pommery

7 Top Champagne Houses in Reims, France - Savored Sips (5)

Location:Place General Gouraud,51100, Reims,France
Hours: Early April to mid-November: every day 9:30am-7pm. Mid-November to late March: every day 10am-6pm
Phone: +33(0)

The Pommery Elizabethan-style estate was built in the 19th century by the lady of the house, Jeanne Pommery. It is one of the most archtecturally stunning estates you can visit today. Pommery is also one of the biggest Champagne house today, producing over 500,000 cases of Champagne a year.

You’ll definitely want to stop here for a tour to see the ancient Roman caves and art nouveau tasting rooms. The chalk cave cellars are equally impressive, and can be access from an incredible staircase worth seeing – it’s 116 steps down to the cellars!

Your tour will end with a tasting of one of the famous Pommery Champagnes. There are various tours you can take at Pommery. Be sure to book in advance.The tours are given in English, French, and German.

  • “Art of Champagne” Caves – 22€-30€:1 hour tour of the Gallo-Roman chalk cellars, with explanations of the history, wine development of Pommery, plus a visit to the contemporary art exhibit, followed by a tasting. Choice of 1 glass for22€, cuvee experience for26€ or 2 glasses for 30€.
  • Henry Vasnier’s Dream –35€ 90 minute tour that follows the dream of Henry Vasnier, right arm man to Mrs. Pommery and patron of the City of Reims. Includes a visit of the Pommery Cellars and the Villa Demoiselle. Includes a 2-glass tasting.

3. Champagne Taittinger

7 Top Champagne Houses in Reims, France - Savored Sips (6)
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Location:À la table de Thibaud IV – Champagne Taittinger, 20 rue de Tambour, 51100 Reims

Another Champagne house with an impressive chalk cave that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, Taittinger will stun you from the moment you arrive at the impressive entrance gates.

Unfortunately, their main location is currently closed, but you can still visit Demeure des Comtes de Champagne in the center of Reims and try the tasting experience called “À la table de Thibaud IV”.

The experience is meant to showcase the life of Thibaud the fourth, King of Navarre, who was also a poet, while tasting the two signature cuvées of the House: the Brut Réserve and the Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs.

It’s a mix of audio and tasting and is offered in English and French. The price is 60€ and it lasts about 1 hour.

4. Champagne GH Martel & Co

7 Top Champagne Houses in Reims, France - Savored Sips (7)

Location:17 rue des Creneaux,51100, Reims,France
Hours:Daily 10am-1pmand 2pm-7pm.Tours in French and English until5:30pm
Phone: +33 (0) 3 26 82 70 67
Email: boutique@champagnemartel.com

Located just around the corner from Veuve Clicquot and Taitttinger is another top Champagne house that offers tours and tastings: GH Martel & Co. This Champagne house also has amedieval chalk quarries, which wasdug between the 4th and 15th centuries, and it is open to the public for tours.

As you descend into the cellar, at a depth of up to 22 meters, you’ll see their interesting collection of wine-making tools and machinery. The tour begins with a film, then leads you through the cellars and the ecomuseum, and then to their shop where you’ll taste 3 Champagnes.

They often have specials and deals available on their large range of wines, in case you’re looking for some steals to take back home with you. The tour and tasting takes about 1 hour. If you don’t have the time for a full tour, you can stop into the wine shop for a tasting at any time.

There are a few different flights to choose from ranging from 12-20€ Be sure to book your tour ahead of time by contacting the shop via phone or email.

5. Champagne Vranken à la Villa Demoiselle

7 Top Champagne Houses in Reims, France - Savored Sips (8)

Dating from the early 1900s, the Villa Demoiselle is an architectural gem on the property of Pommery. It was reborn in 2008 with a new splendor thanks to the passion of its owners Paul-François and Nathalie Vranken.

There are two tours available. One is a self-guided tour and the other is a guided tour.

The Henry Vasnier tour follows the dream of Henry Vasnier, creative visionary and great patron of the city of Reims. This self-guided tour takes you on a visit to the Pommery cellars and the discovery of Emile Gallé’s masterpieces in the Villa Demoiselle.

The self-guided tour comes with a downloadable digital and audio tour. Both tours end with a tasting of two emblematic cuvées of Domaine Pommery and the Ville Demoiselle: Pommery Brut Royal and Demoiselle Tête de Cuvée. 42€ and 52€

(Video) SABERING CHAMPAGNE! Is Champagne France worth it?!🍾

6. Champagne Mumm

7 Top Champagne Houses in Reims, France - Savored Sips (9)

Location:G.H. Mumm, 29 Rue du Champ de Mars, 51100 Reims, France
Hours:Daily 10am-1pmand 2pm-5:30 or 6pm, seasonally.Tours in French and English until5:30pm
Boutique available during opening hours

The House Mumm started in 1827 in the historic birthplace of the Champagne, Reims. This almost bicentenary estate opens the doors of its cellars where about 25 million bottles rest peacefully in the cellars.

The Mumm family, whose lineage includes barons and knights, dates back to the 12th century.They were originally wine merchants based in Cologne, Germany, but expanded into France when they saw potential for the region and expansion of their business. They’ve been going strong ever since.

Today Mumm is spread across nearly 25 kilometers in the heart of Reims. Visitors can explore the long history of this cellar and learn about the process they’ve followed for centuries.

There are three visit types: The Cordon Rouge Mumm experience, the discovery experience, and the 100% Grand Cru experience. The visit will end at one of the most beautiful museum about champagne. Afterward, you will have the opportunity to taste their Champagnes.

7. Celliers Ruinart

7 Top Champagne Houses in Reims, France - Savored Sips (10)

Location: 4 rue des Crayeres,51100, Reims,France
Hours:Daily 9am-noon, 2pm-5pm
Phone: +33 3 26 77 51 51

I’ve always loved the shape and elegance of the Ruinart Champagne bottle. It’s a work of art and truly expresses the way it should feel to drink a fine Champagne. Visiting the Ruinart cellars in Reims is very much like that bottle. It’s an elegant and luxury experience that you won’t soon forget.

At Celliers Ruinart, you’ll be able to do a guided tour of the cellars, which includes somehistory of the house and the process of champagne making, followed by the tasting of two cuvées: Don Ruinart and one Millesime (rose or blanc de blanc). It’s a fascinating tour for history, art, architecture and wine lovers.

The house is one of the oldest and the cellars are up to 40 meters deep, which makes them the deepest in Reims. The entire affair lasts around 2 hours. Tours are conducted in French and English. You can arrange a tour in another language by emailing in advance.

  • The Crayeres Tour –(70€) – “A tour of the Crayères, or chalk quarries, classified as a historical monument in 1931, is a truly unique experience and invitation to discover an atmosphere of silent intimacy reigning in Maison Ruinart’s cellars.” To book, visit their website.

How to Get from Paris to Reims

You can get to Reims from Paris by taking the TGV train.From anywhere in Paris, just get yourself to the East Railway Station. You can take the Paris subway to arrive at this station. This makes it very easy to visit Reims, no matter where in Europe you’re arriving from.

You don’t have to have tickets for the train in advance, but during busy times we do recommend buying them in advance to make sure you can get a seat. There have been times that the train has been full and we’ve had to take the next one. You can purchase tickets in advance on Trainline.com.

The train journey to Reims is only about 45 minutes. If you plan to go to Epernay – another of the nearby major Champagne cities – you can continue on from Reims on the TER train, which departs every 30 minutes and takes around 40 minutes to get there.

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7 Top Champagne Houses in Reims, France - Savored Sips (11)

How to Get Around in Reims

One of the big questions that is often asked by tourists coming to Reims on a day trip from Paris is how to get around to the Champagne house. There are three convenient ways to get around. You can choose your method based on your own needs:

  1. Walk: It’s actually quite easy to walk around Reims. The biggest hurtle is getting from the train station (or center of Reims) to the area where you find most of the Champagne houses. This is about a 2 mile walk (40 mins). If you don’t want to take this initial walk, you can take a quick Uber or taxi ride from the train station. We recommend starting at Veuve Clicquot, as it’s the furthest way from town (2 miles). To walk between any of the 5 Champagne houses mentioned, it will take you about 5 minutes or less.
  2. Uber or Taxi: If you can’t or don’t want to walk, you can take an uber or taxi from the train station to any of the Champagne houses. Once you’re ready to go on to the next, you can call another Uber or taxi to take you there.
  3. Rent a car: There is a convenient place near the train station to rent a car for the day. In fact, it’s just a few steps outside the door to the train station. It’ll cost around 40€ to rent a car for a day. We recommend using Expedia to book your rental car.

If you’re staying overnight in Reims, you’ll quickly learn that there isn’t a huge selection of hotels. We stayed atBest Western Premier Hotel de la Paix. If you’re looking for a more luxury stay, try theChateau Les Crayeres.

⇒ Be sure to check out our list of the drinks you should try in France. There’s so much more to enjoy beyond the Champagne.

See the map below for directions to your Reims Champagne tours.


Once you’ve visited a few of these top Champagne tours in Reims, you’ll have a much better understanding of how Champagne is made and the history behind the industry and their unique stories.

It’s a great way to expand your knowledge of the craft and appreciate it even more than you probably already do. If you have a favorite Champagne house you want to share with our readers, leave us a comment!

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What is the most popular Champagne house in France? ›

Moët Chandon is the largest, and probably best-known Champagne house in the world. Founded in 1743, the house knows how to sell itself.

What is the most famous Champagne house? ›

Veuve Clicquot. One of the largest Champagne houses in the world, Veuve Clicquot – established in 1772 – owes a great deal to the wife of its founder, Philippe Clicquot.

How many Champagne Houses are there in Reims? ›

The five champagne houses listed in this article are located in the Saint Remi area of Reims, a 30-minute-walk from the city centre. The houses are within a 5– 10-minute walk of each other.

Can you walk between Champagne Houses in Reims? ›

As many Champagne Houses are in Reims, you can discover many of them just by walking from one to another! For example, Veuve Clicquot and Champagne Ruinart are just 14 minutes away by foot.

What is the number 1 Champagne in the world? ›

Moët & Chandon is the world's best-selling champagne brand, and is widely thought by many to be the best champagne brand in the world.

What is the oldest Champagne house in France? ›

The Champagne house of Gosset was founded as a still wine producer in 1584 and is the oldest Champagne house still in operation today. Ruinart was founded in 1729 and was soon followed by Chanoine Frères (1730), Taittinger (1734), Moët et Chandon (1743) and Veuve Clicquot (1772).

Which is better to visit Reims or Epernay? ›

Stay in Reims to explore the Montagne de Reims, which focuses on pinot noir. This zone makes the fullest bodied Champagnes, often intended to age. By contrast, base yourself in Epernay to explore the pinot meunier–focused region of the Vallée de la Marne.

What are the 3 main districts in champagne? ›

Champagne Appellations

In the North of the Champagne-Ardenne, the three main territoires are La Montagne de Reims, La Vallée de la Marne and La Côte des Blancs. These three regions produce the best quality grapes and many Champagne producers combine grapes from all three areas to produce the best Champagne.

Is it cheaper to buy Champagne in Reims? ›

It isn't necessarily cheaper to buy Champagne from the major houses in Reims or Epernay than it is to buy the same wine in Britain. It's true that there's no duty on sparkling wine in France (while we pay £1.65 on each bottle), so Champagne bought there should cost less.

What is the second oldest Champagne house? ›

Founded in 1730, Chanoine Frères is the second-oldest Champagne house. Nearly three centuries later, Chanoine continues to develop its heritage and pass on the pleasure of Champagne, from generation to generation, in France and around the world.

Which is the oldest Champagne house? ›

The very first Champagne House, founded in 1729 by Nicolas Ruinart, was established on Saint-Nicaise Hill in Reims in 1768. This followed the purchase of land and crayères, ancient chalk quarries, at a site known as Le Moulin de la House.

What do you wear to a Champagne house? ›

Champagne's cool northerly climate calls for a coat in the evening and layers during the day. Cellars maintain a cool 10ºC. During the day, wear shoes that are comfortable and practical. Cellar and winery tours are on foot and can include climbing of long flights of stairs and uneven surfaces.

How many days do you need in Reims? ›

Three days is enough time to visit the extraordinary Reims Cathedral, tour exclusive Champagne houses, and even take a day trip into the French countryside. Here's your perfect itinerary.

How many bottles of Champagne does a guest need? ›

But how many bottles will you need? This will depend on the way you run your event, but the general rule of thumb is to plan for half a bottle-a-head for a typical drinks reception. Even with a 90-minute welcome, this amount will give you enough to offer a top up to the guests' glasses.

Is Moet or Dom Pérignon better? ›

Moët has a much more generous, giving style whereas Dom Pérignon is more complex and subdued. They are made as much different champagnes.” Lots of lemon, creaminess and bright fruit. Good ripeness and great texture on the mouth.

Is Moet or Veuve better? ›

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. If you prefer a fruitier Champagne, then Veuve Clicquot is a good choice. If you prefer a Champagne with more complexity, then Moet & Chandon is a better option.

Is Taittinger better than Moet? ›

If you prefer a light, delicate champagne, then Taittinger is the better choice. If you prefer a full-bodied, fruity champagne, then Moet is the better choice. Moet is one of the best examples of a well-known brand, established in 1743. In Douglas McMillan's opinion, this wine received a 92/100 rating.

What does Clicquot mean in French? ›

The Veuve Clicquot phonetic spelling is “Vuv Klee-koh”. “Veuve,” which means “widow” in French is pronounced “Vuv” or “Verv”. Clicquot, which is a family name, is pronounced “Klee-koh.” The name of this Champagne House refers to its visionary matriarch, the Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin.

What glass do the French drink Champagne? ›

Flute. The champagne flute (French: flûte à champagne ) is a stem glass with either a tall tapered conical shape or elongated slender bowl, generally holding about 180 to 300 ml (6.1 to 10.1 US fl oz) of liquid.

What is the largest family-owned Champagne house? ›

Laurent-Perrier is the largest family-owned Champagne House. It was founded in 1812 by a former cooper and bottler named Alphonse Pierlot.

What is the Champagne capital of France? ›

Epernay, Capital of Champagne.

What is the youngest Champagne house? ›

Created in 1976 in the heart of the Côte des Blancs region, Nicolas Feuillatte is the youngest of all the major Champagne houses, and also the largest growers' Champagne brand.

Is Reims a walkable city? ›

The city centre is fairly small and easily walkable, with many streets for pedestrians only, mainly in the shopping area. 1 Reims Touristic Office, 6 Rue Rockefeller , ☏ +33 3 26 77 45 00 .

What do you wear to a Champagne tasting in France? ›

There is no need to dress up for wine tastings in France. Casual style is usually appropriate. To be on the safe side, avoid flip flops, heels, shorts for men, torn t-shirts and very short miniskirts. Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes, layers and something colorful and stylish to take nice pictures.

What are people from Reims called? ›

Demonym(s)Rémois, Rémoise (French)
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
• Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)
INSEE/Postal code51454 /51100
19 more rows

Is Prosecco a wine or a Champagne? ›

Wine can only be called Champagne if it comes from the region of Champagne, France, whereas Prosecco is a sparkling wine mostly made in the Veneto region, Italy. Therefore, the simple difference is Champagne growers consider Champagne a “wine of place” that cannot be reproduced anywhere else in the world.

What are the 5 sub regions of Champagne? ›

In Champagne, there is one all-encompassing appellation: Champagne AOC. It is, however, divided into five sub-regions: the Aube (Côte des Bar), Montagne de Reims, Côte des Blancs, Côte de Sézanne, and the Vallée de la Marne. Legally, any sparkling wine sold outside of the Champagne region cannot say Champagne on it.

What are the 17 Grand Cru villages of Champagne? ›

The 17 villages included in the Grand Cru Classification are: Ambonnay, Avize, Ay, Beaumont sur Vesle, Bouzy, Chouilly, Cramant, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Louvois, Mailly Champagne, Oger, Oiry, Puisieux, Sillery, Tours sur Marne, Verzenay and Verzy.

What do you wear to a champagne tasting in Reims? ›

Wear light breathable layers such as cotton or linen and don't forget to bring a light sweater in case you are headed into the cellars. A one-piece romper brings out a casual party vibe while you stay comfortable.

What is a reasonable price for a bottle of champagne? ›

The average cost of a bottle of champagne varies from country to country, but on average, you can expect to pay around $40 for a bottle of champagne. This includes the price of the champagne, the taxes, and the markup.

What is the good expensive bottle of champagne? ›

1959 Dom Perignon – $42,350. 1841 Veuve Clicquot – $34,000. 1928 Krug – $21,200. Louis Roederer, Cristal Brut 1990 Millennium Cuvee Methuselah – $18,800.

What is the third oldest Champagne house? ›

Taittinger is the third oldest champagne house, established in 1734 as the House of Fourneaux. The primary development has been since 1932, when it was purchased by the Taittinger family and given their name. The first wines were still red and white, then sparkling followed.

Which Champagne house makes crystal? ›

Cristal remains in the Roederer family to this day. The estate is currently overseen by Frédéric Rouzaud, the seventh generation of the family. This makes Louis Roeder the largest independent and family-owned Champagne house in the world.

What is the top wine of a Champagne house? ›

1. Taittinger. The best of the big-name champagne houses takes you through endless chalk cellars quarried by the Romans. Now millions of bottles undergo secondary fermentation here, then age — as the first-class tour and tasting guides explain.

What Champagne did Jay Z buy? ›

Why Jay-Z created a champagne brand: Comments by Cristal exec 'forced us to build our own thing' Jay-Z and Dylan Jones attend the Armand de Brignac 'A Taste of Gold' party hosted by Jay-Z and the editor of GQ Magazine Dylan Jones, at Automat on July 2, 2008 in London, England.

Is Premier Cru or Grand Cru better? ›

Grand Cru is the top dog, while the tier just below it is named Premier Cru. A cru in Burgundy designates a high-quality vineyard. Often, they're split into parcels owned by different wineries or estates.

What is the oldest drinkable Champagne? ›

The oldest bottle of Champagne still in existence, is believed to be Perrier-Jouet's 1825 Vintage, although, in 2010, we almost discovered something older.

What color goes best with a champagne dress? ›

Colors that go with champagne include earth tone colors, shades of blue and pastel colors.

Is Reims worth a visit? ›

A historical city boasting the Coronation place of twenty-five French Kings and one of the most impressive Gothic Cathedrals in Europe, Reims is also the gateway to the Champagne region, the world-famous sparkling white Provided that you plan your visit accordingly, the entirety of the city can easily be explored in ...

What color is champagne dress? ›

What is a champagne wedding dress? Champagne wedding dresses come in a wide range of subtle tones that range from soft beige to light brown and gold. It's important to note that not all gowns will be strictly labeled as "champagne" in color and terms such as "beige," "bisque" or "tan" might be used instead.

Can you drink tap water in Reims? ›

Safe – The first thing to point out is that tap water is perfectly safe to drink in France.

How do you get around in Reims? ›

In Reims and its surrounding districts, urban public transport is managed by the CITURA. Buses and trams generally run 7 days a week from 5h15 to 00h25. Tickets can be purchased and recharged at the Boutique CITURA, tram station outlets and in some small shops. Some tickets can also be bought on buses.

Why is champagne better than prosecco? ›

Prosecco vs Champagne: Flavour profiles

These two methods of production result in quite different flavour profiles for these wines. The closer contact with the yeast in the Champagne method means that it generally has more autolytic flavours – bread, brioche and toast, as well as citrus fruit flavours.

How many bottles of champagne do I need for a 70 person toast? ›

Again, there is a general rule that can be followed to determine how many bottles will be needed. For a full glass of Champagne for each guest, divide the number of drinkers by four. If you intend only to give half a glass to each person (enough for a toast), then divide the number of guests by eight.

How much champagne do you need for Mimosa Bar 25 people? ›

One 750mL bottle of champagne will make 6-8 mimosas. You know your guests and how much they drink, but keep in mind most guests will enjoy 1-3 mimosas. Another rule of thumb is 1 bottle for every 3 guests.

Where in France is famous for Champagne? ›

The Champagne wine region is located on Frances Northeastern part, just 121 km from Paris. This region produces the famous sparkling wines usually just called by the name Champagne.

What is the largest family owned Champagne house? ›

Laurent-Perrier is the largest family-owned Champagne House. It was founded in 1812 by a former cooper and bottler named Alphonse Pierlot.

What French city is famous for its Champagne? ›

Reims is the biggest city and capital of Champagne, France. Reims is easily accessible from Paris: 90 minutes by car and 45 minutes by TGV train. Champagne Tours from Paris can be booked in advance.

What is the oldest champagne house? ›

The very first Champagne House, founded in 1729 by Nicolas Ruinart, was established on Saint-Nicaise Hill in Reims in 1768. This followed the purchase of land and crayères, ancient chalk quarries, at a site known as Le Moulin de la House.

What are the 3 main districts in Champagne? ›

Champagne Appellations

In the North of the Champagne-Ardenne, the three main territoires are La Montagne de Reims, La Vallée de la Marne and La Côte des Blancs. These three regions produce the best quality grapes and many Champagne producers combine grapes from all three areas to produce the best Champagne.

How many acres does Maison Veuve Clicquot own today? ›

The house now owns 971 acres (393 ha) of vineyards, with an average rating of 71% on the "échelle des crus". Fifty-five percent of Veuve Clicquot's vineyards are categorized as Grand Cru and 40% are Premier Cru.

What are the prettiest villages near Reims? ›

Travelers are voting Tinqueux, Sedan and Chateau-Thierry as the best of 45 towns & villages near Reims.


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